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How To Choose The Right Catering Type For Your Event

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For as long as it has been, food and events have always gone hand-in-hand. As there are varieties of food, catering options also come in many sorts and sizes. Crafted for your convenience, various catering styles are made to appropriately suit different types of events. If you’re planning an event and trying to decide on a catering service, consider the following pointers to determine the right type of catering for your event:

1. What type of event is it?

You need to first determine what type of event it will be before you finalise a catering option. Whether it be a social, exclusive, seasonal, entertainment or corporate event, you should first settle with the event type to narrow down your options further. Once you’ve settled your event type, you’ll be able to get a general idea of what type and style of food servings is suitable for the event. 

2. How many people are attending the event?

This is an important factor to consider when choosing a type of catering. By knowing exactly how many people are expected at the event, you’ll be able to sort out your options easily and pick out the more suitable ones. Do a proper number roundup of the people coming and remember to leave a little room for error. Include the plus ones (if any) and also consider the possibility of guests not attending the event. 

3. What’s your allocated budget?

After the two initial steps, you need to set a budget that you are willing to allocate for catering. This can seem quite tricky, but the fact of the matter is that there are great catering services that offer packages of value. For different packages, of course the menus are varied and differ from one another. So, carefully consider what you’re willing to spend on your catering package.

4. How fancy do you want the food to be?

From the regular to the more exclusive types of catering packages, you will see that the curated dishes vary from one package to another. You’ve got your normal style catering, where simple yet quality food is served and then there’s the more exclusive catering including a full course meal of exquisite delicacies. 

With BellyGood, you get a wide range of catering packages to choose from for any desired occasion. We offer fine selections of Asian, Western and International delicacies curated for your needs. For delicious treats after great meals, we’ve got you covered with professionally crafted desserts to complete any event. Visit our website for more information and experience catering like never before. 

5. Narrow down the options

Once you’ve followed through the essentials, now comes the fun part - narrowing down the options. Have a look at your list and eliminate the ones that are no longer suitable. During this process, keep referring back to the previous pointers to stay on track.

With the available options of catering, it’s not as tricky as it seems to choose one. Follow the steps provided and you’ll be finding the perfect catering choice in no time.

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For as long as it has been, food and events have always gone hand-in-hand. As there are varieties of food, catering options also come in many sorts and sizes.

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