3 Types of BellyGood Bentos and Which One You Should Choose

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Bentos come in a variety of types and are great for serving various occasions and events. From small, private events to corporate settings, bentos are a convenient method of providing food for numerous guests and are considered a cost effective choice. BellyGood offers delicious bento collections, ideal for any and every occasion of your choosing. For more information regarding BellyGood’s range of appetising bentos, read further to decide on which BellyGood bento is suitable for your event.

Daily Tea Break Set

Perfect for tea break sessions, BellyGood’s Daily Tea Break Set offers selections of sweet and savoury finger foods that are customisable according to your preference. BellyGood serves delicious assortments of quality light bites to enjoy in various settings and are ideal for numerous occasions serving 20 people or more at just $5.00 SGD per pax. For a complete list of tea break treats offered, refer to BellyGood’s menu to customise your own set and enjoy a selection of add-ons for extra delights. 

Corporate Bento Set

Especially crafted for more corporate settings, BellyGood provides deliciously curated menus suitable for organisations and larger events. Carefully prepared by professional chefs, BellyGood’s Corporate Bento Sets offer nutritious meals crafted in flavourful Asian and Western menu selections. With a minimum order of 30 sets at $6.00 SGD each, each bento set includes delectable dishes at a reasonable price and are offered in the following set menus:

  • Corporate Western Bento A & B
  • Corporate Asian Bento A & B

Premium Bento Set

Ideal for special events and exclusive occasions, BellyGood’s Premium Bento Sets make a great choice for serving guests. Available in Asian and Western menu sets, the bento sets are offered in classic, superior and deluxe packages - all thematically customised to suit your specific event and requirements. With a minimum order of 10 sets, the bento set packages include:

  • Classic Premium Asian/Western Set - $15.00 SGD
  • Superior Premium Asian/Western Set - $20.00 SGD
  • Deluxe Premium Asian/Western Set - $30.00 SGD

BellyGood bentos are a must-try for any and every occasion. Menus of delicious food variants are curated by award-winning chefs to elevate the palates. From your favorite local cuisine to Asian and Western delicacies with a twist, BellyGood bentos are a great choice to serve at your important social functions. Enjoy a collection of nutritious bentos and order yours for a joyful experience.

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Bentos come in a variety of types and are great for serving various occasions and events. From small, private events to corporate settings.

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