5 Wonderful Ways to Make Mother’s Day Memorable With BellyGood

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With Mother's Day just right around the corner, it's time to start planning for to create a memorable celebration for mum!
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News Title : 5 Wonderful Ways to Make Mother’s Day Memorable With BellyGood

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to start preparing for the day of mums! Although we feel that everyday should be a special day for mum, it’s wonderful to dedicate one special day to them. Because it’s a yearly occurrence, we feel that there are many ways to make this Mother’s Day better than before. Read further for 5 wonderful ways to make the day of mums memorable with BellyGood!


1. A nostalgic slideshow for mum

If your family took a lot of photos growing up, then this would be a splendid task for you. Before the day, look through your most treasured photographs of mum and compile them into a slideshow. Add in some of your mum’s favourite tunes and it’ll be the best mother’s day gift any mother could ask for.

2. Go on a boat trip around the city

If your mum is used to having to hold down the fort, let her completely unwind and have someone else be in charge for the day (aka the helmsman). Despite being locals, there’s always a reason to go on a day tour around the city. Remember, the best things in life usually come in simple forms. Have your mum relax for the day with you next to her and enjoy the ride, she deserves it!

3. A heart-to-heart session with mum

Although we’d hate to admit it, our mums’ efforts tend to go unnoticed. Known for their strength and resilience, we overlook the fact that they are still human with feelings! For this special day, plan out a quality time session for as long as you feel necessary, sit with your mom and connect with her. Ask her about her challenges, worries, or what you can do to make her life better. This will be a great opportunity to return the favour for everything she has done.

4. Take mum out for a stroll at a botanical garden

Much like your mum has raised you to become the incredible person that you are today, flowers are too, grown with much love and attention. Take your mum for a stroll among serene garden surroundings and embrace the symbolic activity. Share a piece of heaven on earth with your mum on this day dedicated to mothers, and watch her (and the flowers) bloom with much joy and happiness.

5. A jar of affirmations for mum

One of the best things about mums is that they appreciate the small things; it’s always the thought that counts. Mums are sensitive souls and what you say, think and feel can really matter to them. If you’ve ever hurt your mum (which most of us probably have), this is the perfect chance to redeem yourself. Write a dozen or more notes expressing your gratitude and appreciation for your mum. Place the notes in a glass jar and have her read through them one by one. Be creative and make sure they come from the heart!


And finally, the perfect addition to any of the fun activities above is to surprise your mum with a meaningful feast. Whether it be before or after your quality time, a hearty meal is a must to put a smile on your mum’s face. Enjoy a lovely choice of Mother’s Day Western or Asian Party Set to complete your mum’s day, great for serving up to 6 persons per set. Thoughtfully crafted with the mothers in mind, consider this a full course meal featuring a mouthwatering BellyGood cold platter and a tasty range of Western or Asian main courses, ideal for the perfect Mother’s Day. 

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